Thursday, January 30, 2014

It's Windy Inside

Last night was super windy at the campus. The mosquito net covering the ventilators was playing with the wind to produce sounds which sounded like music sometime and reminded of ramsay brothers sometime.
The silence of the night at campus respects even the drop of a pin. The wind had all the opportunity to make it’s presence felt. Almost every opaque object which had at least one end lose, was moving with a random rhythm. The beam balance had only one tight end. So, it was literally freaking out.
It appeared as if the wind wanted to blow away every object which came it’s way.

I woke up around 5 in the morning and my mind compared the image of sound of the wind which I slept with and the one I woke up with. I realized the wind had settled. I went out and checked clothes, the buckets, the utensils…that were left outside to enjoy the moonlight. They were all sitting safely, smiling at me. A thought struck me: “The wind said it would blow everything away but, it didn’t mean it.” But, for this thought to dawn, I had to wait for the wind to settle.

It reminded me of myself when the winds of my emotions were flowing with high energy. In some cases the winds gave me a sailing experience. In some, a sailing for others. In some, it promised to take everyone (in it’s way) along. In some, it threatened to blow away everything in it’s way.

In all cases: “did I mean all I said?” To be fair to the rest of the world around me, when they express themselves, “do they mean exactly what they say, for the rest of their life?” I am not trying to undervalue the words we speak. Neither do I mean that expressions are random. I just want to highlight the temporal nature of the images about ourselves and others. For example, say: “Namrata ignores what I say.” I actually mean: “Namrata ignored what I said right now.” Now go to an extreme: “We should get divorced.” She actually means: “Let’s stay away for an hour and come back.” J

When I look at the rest of world as “they don’t mean it”, it gives me peace. When I look at my own expression as “I don’t mean it”, it relieves me of the responsibility of defending my words. I would have said: “he is very arrogant” and next time when I see him humble, I don’t need to burden myself with a conflict. I suddenly realize how I used to take myself so seriously.

I am reminded of a zen monk who was approached by a seeker. The seeker requested the monk: “Can you teach me how to control my emotions?” As they walked along, there was a cool breeze moving the clothes of the monk. The monk replied: “My clothes are flying away. Can you please catch the wind for me?”

Few questions to ponder on:
  • Who controls wind - it’s speed, intensity, direction?
  •  Does it have a purpose behind blowing?
  • Who originates the wind?


  1. loved the expression and the comparison with wind

  2. Who controls wind - We!
    Does it have a purpose behind blowing - Yes, to blow away our thoughts!
    Who originates the wind - The answer my friend, is blowin in the wind, the answer is blowin in the wind.