Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Eating is stressful

I sometimes feel stressed about this eating business. We eat daily at least 3 times a day and empty daily. I wished this was configurable. Imagine each of us is deciding if we want to eat daily or every alternate day or once a month, once an year. Imagine we had eating seasons where you eat for a week every quarter while someone else eats every month.

It would be interesting how each of us would configure our eating frequency depending on our body ambitions, our professions, the culture, personal ambitions….Imagine what would happen to the restaurants. Would they shutdown or do business in spikes, the way resorts do. Probably eating out would then become premium. I wonder though what would happen to the pleasure we derive out of eating. In the current state, it’s the taste and hunger which gives us the pleasure of eating. In the configurable model of eating, the tongue is not going away and hence, taste would continue to play it’s role but, what would happen when hunger can be planned?
If and when I become the God, I would experiment giving these configuration options to the poor humans and have fun. As of now, fortunately I am not the God. So, let’s come back to what we have. This need to eat daily, implies that there is a void inside which has to be filled every single day, multiple times and in different ways. Do we have similar void for learning as well? Is learning a need, a want or an incident? If it’s a need or want, how configurable it is?

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